How to create an AWS Free Tier Account

Are you eager to learn AWS? Then it is essential to have an account with AWS. In this blog post, I will show you how to create a Free Tier account with AWS in 5 steps. You need to have a credit or debit card along with a valid phone number and email address to create the free tier account.

Open the AWS management console .

STEP1:Signup Details

In the below page, provide the details like email, password and a name for your AWS account.

STEP2 :Contact Information

On the next page, check the Personal -own projects. Provide details like your name ,phone number ,etc as highlighted below

STEP3 : Billing Information

In the step 3 , you need provide your debit or credit card details as below. AWS will debit very minimal amount for verification purpose.

STEP4: Verification of your phone number

STEP5: Selection of Plan

You will get emails with activation information as stated below. Then you are ready to work with AWS.

Important – Once you get the account ensure you terminate all the resources that you are working on so that you will not be billed.

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