Best Free Mock Exams for TOGAF 9.2

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If you are planning to write the TOGAF 9.2 certification, I strongly recommend you to go through this as well. This has all the information that you should know before attempting the certification.

It is always important to test our knowledge before appearing for the actual exam.

When I searched for mock tests in google during my preparation, I found many but later when I started attempting those , I felt most of them are outdated and some of them have not given correct answers. So that’s why I came up with this idea of posting this information.

I will provide here the best free mock exams that are available for practice. Since the exams are free, please keep in mind that a few of the exams listed below have certain risks involved like some of the content is still pointing to the old version of TOGAF. But do not worry, I will mention where this is applicable.

This can be used to test your knowledge , however do not consider only these as part of your preparation.

  1. OpenGroup Practice Test: TOGAF 9 Part 1 Practice Test (PDF)and TOGAF 9 Part 2 Practice Test (PDF) is available to download from Opengroup directly [free as of today. So Hurry up ]. The free offer expired, However, I did not remove this as this is very useful for the preparation of the exam. Anyway, this is very cheap around 1$ only. Part 1 Practice Test has 80 questions with solutions and Part 2 Practice test has 12 scenario-based questions with solutions. All the questions are updated with the latest version of 9.2.
  2. LearnFundas Quizzes: The entire TOGAF 9.2 documentation is divided into 6 parts, These quizzes are available part wise and it is available for free. The best part is these are updated with version 9.2 which is the latest version.
  3. Telegram Channel: If you are a beginner preparing for the TOGAF 9.2 exam, I highly recommend you to join this channel as it has a lot of information available including few practice tests.
  4. Simplilearn Practice Test: This test is for Level 2 and is available for free. The complexity of questions is very basic, so the actual exam might be more difficult than this.
  5. ExamTopics Practice Tests: This contains practice tests for OG0-091, OG0-092, OG0-093 with solutions, and also a discussion thread where you can ask questions. Around 70 percent of questions can be viewed in free access mode. However, if you want to view all the questions then payment is needed. Please note that the answers might not be correct in few cases. So use this as a reference to know what kind of questions might be asked in the exam.
  6. KnowledgeHut Practice Test: These are for Level 1 and are available for free with solutions.This is having the risk that some of the questions are pointing to old version of TOGAF.
  7. TOGAF Wonder Guide Ebooks: There are 4 ebooks available on Amazon for Kindle subscribers that are free which are listed below

These books contain Practice tests along with detailed explanation which will help to face easily the Part 2 of the TOGAF exam.

Please try to attempt the mock exams once the concepts of TOGAF 9.2 are very clear.

Last but not least check out my tips on clearing this exam easily.

Happy Learning .

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