Beginners Questions About TOGAF 9.2 certification Answered!

Are you planning to write TOGAF 9.2 certification? I had a lot of questions when I started thinking about taking this certification. So I have consolidated all the questions in this post and ensured all the beginner’s questions about TOGAF 9.2 are answered here. I hope this will be helpful. Leave a comment below if you find this useful or not.

What is TOGAF 9.2 certification?

TOGAF is a framework developed by Open Group to build Enterprise Architecture. The Open group also offers a certification that tests your knowledge whether you are well versed with the TOGAF 9.2 framework and whether you are able to demonstrate that skill in real-time complex scenarios. This is one of the certifications that will be done by individuals whose aim is to become an Enterprise Architect.

How do I become TOGAF certified?

Currently Open Group offers two level of certifications.

  1. TOGAF Foundation Exam, also known as TOGAF Part 1
  2. TOGAF Certified Exam,also called TOGAF Part 2

If you pass both the exams, then you are TOGAF 9.2 certified. There is also a flexibility that you can take the above exams at once as well which is called TOGAF 9.2 Combined Exam.

Are there any prerequisites to write this exam ?

There are no prerequisites provided by Open Group to enroll for these exams.

What is the cost of the TOGAF 9.2 certification?

Well, the cost of TOGAF 9.2 depends on whether you decided to take the Level 1 and Level 2 at once or at different times .

If you take the exams individually then the cost of each exam is 360$ , So the total cost is 720$.

But if you decided to take the combined Part 1 and Part 2 exam, then the cost of the exam is $550.

The prices might change as per Open Group ,so check this page for more information.

Where I can find all the information related to TOGAF 9.2 ?

  • All the information about the TOGAF 9.2 certification can be found on the official Open Group website.
  • Information related to complete TOGAF 9.2 framework documentation can be found here.
  • If you are still looking for more information then take a look at my post here.

What is Foundation and Certified Exams in TOGAF 9.2 ?

Foundation exam is the first level of exam that you need to write.This exam checks for the terminologies associated with TOGAF 9.2 terminologies.

Certified exam is the second level of exam that you need to write after passing the first level exam.

This checks whether you are able to apply the togaf knowledge or not.

What topics are covered in both Foundation and certified Exams ?

Foundation exam covers the below topics

  • Basic Concepts (3 questions)
  • Core Concepts (3 questions)
  • Introduction to the ADM (3 questions)
  • The Enterprise Continuum and Tools (4 questions)
  • ADM Phases (9 questions)
  • ADM Guidelines and Techniques (6 questions)
  • Architecture Governance (4 questions)
  • Architecture Views, Viewpoints and Stakeholders (2 questions)
  • Building Blocks (2 questions)
  • ADM Deliverables (2 questions)
  • TOGAF Reference Models (2 questions)

Certified exam covers the below topics

  • ADM Phases
  • Adapting the ADM
  • Architecture Content Framework
  • TOGAF Reference Models
  • Architecture Capability Framework

What is the duration of each of these exams?

Part 1 contains 40 objective type questions, with a pass percentage of 55% and 60 minutes of time duration . Part 2 contains 8 complex scenario based questions with a pass percentage of 60% and 90 minutes of time duration.

Can I attend the exam immediately in case if I fail the exam?

No, there should be a gap of 1 month.

What happens if I clear only one exam ?

If you clear one exam in the combined exam then you should wait for one month and then take the second exam. You will not get certificate from Open Group unless you complete both the exams in Combined Exam.

Can I write these exams from home itself ?

Yes, it is possible. If you want to schedule the exam from home itself then check this. Ensure you have a silent room with a webcam and a reliable internet connection.

What are the training institutes providing this certification training ?

There are 70 accredited training institutes across the world that provide training to get TOGAF 9.2 certification. It is really hard and time-consuming to select a training institute to get efficient training. So there are few criteria to filter out before going for an institute.

1.Course Content

Most of the organizations provide a sample of course content or course agenda on their website or you can get once you enquire them. This will help you to see in what depth the quality course content is provided. 

2.Practice Tests 

Practice exams are very crucial before you attempt the actual exam which makes you get an idea of how much you can score. Few of the institutes provide practice exams as well.

3.Exam Vouchers

Check if you get an extra free voucher to attempt the exam for the second time if you fail for the first time. Few of the institutes provide a single voucher. 

4.Practical Case Studies

TOGAF 9.2 is very theoretical and after reading for few days it is damn boring to keep the same pace till the end of the journey. This is especially for the guys who does not have any experience in TOGAF. So it is important to check if the institute also provides case studies or simple project handouts that will help you to digest the TOGAF 9.2 completely. 

5.Access to Training Videos 

Last but not the least, ensure that you have full access to the training videos even after you complete the training from the institute. This is important because you can always go back and revisit if you have any doubts while preparing for the exam. 

Is it really worth going for the training or Can I prepare by myself?

If you are a beginner in TOGAF 9.2 without any experience, then it is highly recommended to go for the training. But if you are already an experienced professional with profound knowledge in TOGAF 9.2 then you can prepare by yourself.

For self preparation check out my post here.

What is the difference between TOGAF and PMP Certification?

TOGAF is related to Enterprise Architecture, however, PMP is related to Project Management, So even though you find similar terms in the documentation, both are used for different purposes. So we cannot compare these.

What all Enterprise Architecture Framework certifications exist including TOGAF?

There are 3 frameworks developed in the domain of Enterprise Architecture which are listed below in the Contents Section.

Let us see in detail about these certifications now .

Zachmann Framework Certification

Zachmann Framework certification is conducted by Zachman International. There are 4 levels in this certification which are given as below

  1. Zachman Certified – Enterprise Architect Associate – Level 1
  2. Zachman Certified – Enterprise Architect Practitioner – Level 2
  3. Zachman Certified – Enterprise Architect Professional – Level 3
  4. Zachman Certified – Enterprise Architect Educator – Level 4

This is available completely online as well. For more information on this certification check here.

TOGAF 9.2 Certification

TOGAF Framework certification is conducted by Open Group. There are 2 levels in this certification which are given as below.

  1. TOGAF 9.2 Part 1 Exam
  2. TOGAF 9.2 Part 2 Exam

The updated version is 9.2. Entire certification starting from the training till the exam can be taken virtually as well. For more information on this certification check here.

Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework

Federal Enterprise Architecture certification is conducted by FEAC. There are 3 levels in this certification which are given below

  1. CEAP – Certified Enterprise Architect Practitioner (CEAP) Yellow Belt Program
  2. ACEA – Associate Certified Enterprise Architect (ACEA) Green Belt Program
  3. CEA – Certified Enterprise Architect (CEA) Black Belt Program

These certifications are available in both online and offline mode as well.

For cost and more details of these certifications , please visit the page here

I hope I have answered all of your questions. If you still have questions , then feel free to comment down below.

Happy Learning.

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