Are you preparing alone for the TOGAF 9.2 Exam, All your questions are answered here!

All the questions are answered assuming that you do not have any practical experience in implementing TOGAF 9.2.

This blog is specially targeted towards the people who prepare for the exam by themselves without going to any training institutes. Before that, I would strongly recommend you to go through this as this has all the information that is needed to know before attempting the TOGAF 9.2 certification.

TOGAF 9.2 documentation for the exam is more than 500 pages and it is not easy to go through all the sections and understand the concepts. Beginners easily get lost while preparing for the exam. So I have decided to write this post especially for those who are new to TOGAF 9.2.

As a beginner, you might have a lot of questions about this certification. I will be answering the questions below as part of this post.

What to read to get certified in TOGAF 9.2?

The complete TOGAF 9.2 documentation required to do the certification is available online at the link listed here from Open Group.

However, if you need to attempt the Part 2 exam, you have to get thoroughly acquainted with the pdf format of this documentation. This can be downloaded in Open Group by creating an account with Open Group and searching in the Open Group Library with the name C182. Every TOGAF 9.2 document in Open Group library will have a reference number.

Can I prepare for the exam by myself without enrolling in any training courses?

This depends on your level of exposure to the TOGAF framework. If you had already experience building the Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF 9.2, then it is possible to prepare by yourself. But if you are just a beginner, then it is highly advisable that you opt for a training course.

How to read the 500+ pages documentation of TOGAF 9.2?

Now you should understand what sections to read and how to understand the entire documentation.

The sections that are covered as part of exam 1 and exam 2 are divided and it is documented in conformance requirement documentation in Open Group.This is also the syllabus for the exams.So download this document as well. The code for this document is X1810.

Now let’s see how to understand the Conformance Requirement document.

As per this document, there are 13 Learning Units for Level 1 exam and 26 Learning Units for Level 2 exam.

So if you open the conformance document,you will find what the reader is expected to answer out of each Learning Unit. Read the C182.pdf document in the same order given in this conformance document.

Is TOGAF 9.2 part 2 is difficult?

TOGAF 9.2 part 2 is complex compared to Part 1. But if you are well versed with C182 concepts, it is easy to crack this exam. Part 2 concentrates on how well you are able to apply your TOGAF knowledge to the given 8 scenarios. So read C182 thoroughly according to X1810. Also, follow my tips here. In fact I scored more in part 2 compared to part 1.

What is the syllabus for TOGAF 9.2?

Syllabus is available in X1810 document as I mentioned above.

What practice questions can I have handy?

Open Group itself provides two practice tests for the exams as below

Reference number for TOGAF 9.2 Level 1 Practice test document is B092

Reference number for TOGAF 9.2 Level 2 Practice test document is B093

Once you are confident about the concepts in C182.pdf then attempt these exams and check. Ideally these are enough for your preparation.If you are still looking for free mock exams then have a look here.

Is it ok if I go through the practice questions first and read-only those sections in the document for Part 1?

No, I do not recommend this as you might miss the actual syllabus that is required for the exam.

Should I write the TOGAF Part 1 and TOGAF Part 2 separately or at once?

Well, I was really confused to choose at the beginning.

I will discuss a few factors that need to be considered when deciding about the exam.

Lets dive into it,

  1. Factor 1: Do not go for a Combined exam when you cannot sit or concentrate for 2 hours 30 minutes, Yes, There is no break between the exams.
  2. Factor 2: Do you know that certificate of TOGAF 9.2 completion will be awarded only after the completion of both levels in the Combined exam? If the Part 1 exam is cleared and the Part 2 exam is not cleared in Combined, then in the successive attempt Part 2 has to be taken alone.
  3. Factor 3: Check with the TOGAF Accredited Training Course provider about what kind of exam vouchers will be provided before enrolling. Few of the providers offer only a Combined Exam. In this scenario only one option is available.
  4. Factor 4: You have to remember that Part 1 is majorly about terminology and flow, and Part 2 is heavily based on the understanding of concepts. This will also help you to decide between the exams.
  5. Factor 5: Last but not the least, the cost factor, If you are going to take the combined exam you will get less price compared to attending the individual exams.

What is the preparation time for TOGAF 9.2?

This varies from one person to another, For me it took 4 months at 2 hours of constant reading per day.It is better that you maintain continuity in going through the documentation.If you give a gap in going through the documentation, lets say you pause it for 10 days then there are high chances that you have to start from the beginning.

What is the validity of the TOGAF 9.2 certification?

Good news is TOGAF 9.2 has no expiry. TOGAF 9.1 is released in 2012 and TOGAF 9.2 is released in 2018 and as of now the official date of next release is not yet available. But if there are changes then Open Group will provide refresher exam to get updated to the new version.

I am already certified in TOGAF 9.1. Should I study again for TOGAF 9.2?

Refresh from older versions to TOGAF 9.2 is available with a 3 hour refresher from Open Group.

Are there any supplementary documents provided by Open Group that are available for exam preparation?

Apart from C182,X1810,B092,B093 documents that I mentioned above, I will also let you know that it is better that you download the below documents as well for your exam preparation from Open Group Library. These are not mandatory.

Document NameReference Number

Thankyou for stopping by . Your question is still not answered ? Then feel free to comment down below, I will make sure I will respond to your question.

Happy Learning!!

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