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Let me introduce my self quickly, 

I’m DJ, definitely not a disc jockey 🙂 but Deepti J. I am an IT architect with 10 years of Experience.

I like to learn new technologies and I feel happy when I share information through Blogging. So thats why I started this blog.

I’m from Bangalore (India) and by qualification, I have done my Masters.

Recently I have completed my TOGAF 9.2 certification and realised that there is very less information online that helps to pass this exam .

So,I started writing content about that. I will also include short Tutorials , content related to Data Analytics topics as well.

If you are the one who is looking for dumps for certification then definitely this is NOT for you.

If you think that the information I have provided is helpful then please subscribe and comment. Feel free to approach me Learnfundas9@gmail.com.

Stay tuned to get more updates!

Happy Learning and Wish you all the best for your certification.

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